School Spirits - Recording lead film role

As you may already know, Tiffany has been shooting for the film School Spirits the last few weeks. School Spirits is a feature film that is aiming for release in October on Netflix and iTunes. This may yet change, but we'll of course be back with more details about this as we know more.

Tiffany is playing the lead role of Zoey Slade, the awkward new girl. The film also stars Zoey's new friends Piper Curda (I Didn't Do It) as Tara, Teala Dunn (Are We There Yet) as Morgan, and Audrey Whitby (Disney Channel's "So Random") as Jessie Pearson, the "mean" girl. You can find the movie and full cast list on IMDb.

If you're interested in some behind the scenes and general updates about the movie, check out Tiffany's story on Snapchat (TiffanyAlvord) and Momager Cherie on Facebook. Here's a bunch of sneak peeks (click for full-size):

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